The Rail Park, Phase 1

The Landscape Performance Series by the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) is an online set of resources to help designers, agencies, and advocates evaluate performance, show value and make the case for sustainable landscape solutions.

The LPS Case Study Briefs are produced by the LAF, working in conjunction with designers and/or academic research teams to assess performance and document each project. 

I participated in this study as a research assistant with my collegue Sidney Buckingham and Faculty Fellow Bess Wellborn Yates, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Temple University. We worked with Bryan Hanes and Rebekah Armstrong from the firm Studio Bryan Hanes. We explored the environmental, social, and economic benefits of The Rail Park. A project that entailed repurposing built infrastructure and designing ways for people and plants to comingle in the dense urban environment of Philadelphia.

The Reading Viaduct beforre (Studio Bryan Hanes)

The Rail Park opened in 2018 (Barrett Doherty)

To view the completed case study click here and to download a PDF showing how the landscape performance benefits were derived click here.

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Yates, Bess Wellborn, Sidney Buckingham, and Michelle Lee Delgado Wallace. “The Rail Park, Phase 1.” Landscape Performance Series, Landscape Architecture Foundation, 2022.

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