Harrowgate Park: Nature Based Solutions to Curb Illegal Dumping

In 2021 I was the receipient of the Temple University Graduate Research Award Sustainability Program (GRASP). The program advances the university's goal of expanding sustainability research by providing funding to a graduate student research project focused on sustainability. I applied for and received this grant to explore nature-based solutions to illegal dumping in Harrowgate Park in collaboration with Kyle Hearing, adjunct faculty in Planning and Community Development, and Allyson Church, a colleague in the MLArch program.

Building off of my existing relationship with Harrowgate Park and nearby residents from the Trust Project. I applied for and received the grant and collaborated with pro-bono landscape architects from Nelson Byrd Woltz who provided a planting plan and procured plants for the southwest corner of the park. Our goal was to see if by creating a corner woodland garden we could curb the illegal dumping that was so common on that corner. 

Please enjoy the video below and for the complete report, you can click here.

Video created by a Temple University student through the Office of Sustainability.

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